Real Estate Photography

I'm passionate about meeting new people and seeing new things! Being invited and welcomed into people's homes, into their private sanctuaries, is such a special thing to me. I have photographed a variety of different styled homes over the years. I’ve seen traditional vs modern, homes that have been around for longer than I have been alive, homes that are filled with special memories which people have lived their entire lives in and homes which were but once a dream and have finally become a reality for those lucky enough to have been able to build their ideal home!

I believe that marketing is the key to success. Social media plays such an important role in today's society as well as in the business world. Potential clients want to be able to access everything and anything at the click of a button. Having high quality content on your business platforms will attract clientele and show them what they can expect should they decide to utilize your services. I would love to assist you in this by providing you with professional photographs of your latest listings to assist with enhancing your online presence as well as in print such as the property magazines in which you feature. For those interested in letting your home or apartment on platforms such as Airbnb and, there is no better way to attract potential clients than with striking photographs showcasing exactly what your establishment has to offer!


General things to take into consideration:

  • I ask that the home be presented in a state in which you would be happy for it to be photographed and presented to potential buyers.
  • Kindly note that I refrain from moving any items if you, the home owner or their domestic worker is not there to do so. I do not want to be held liable for

any damages to property or accused of theft.

  • I ask that any plug points or light fittings which are faulty or not working be fixed or replaced prior to the shoot as all the lights in and around the home

need to be on during the shoot. The lights add to the overall aesthetic image and if one or more are not working these stand out like sore thumbs.

  • I ask that any clutter be moved out of sight as it can distract from the image. In my experience, I have found kitchens and bathrooms to often be very busy

areas within the home.

  • If you have young children, please may I request that toys in the child/children’s room/s or in the garden are packed away if possible or put to one side neatly.
  • If your home is pet friendly, I ask that dog and cat beds, bowls and toys be removed and hidden for the shoot as these can also be distracting. Kindly put

animals away if they tend to be aggressive or do not take well to strangers

Interior Areas

* The following points are applicable to all areas within the house

- All curtains and blinds open

- Cell phones, laptops, chargers etc packed away out of sight

- Personal items and all clutter to be packed away


  • Please remove all fridge magnets, children’s drawings and any personal documents
  • Dirty dishes washed and packed away and all surfaces clear

Lounge and Entertainment Areas

  • Remote controls put away or neatly stacked together
  • Books or magazines on coffee table arranged neatly
  • Scatter cushions fluffed and puffed up and throws neatly folded


  • All beds neatly made and bedside tables cleared
  • Please ensure all bedside lamps are working, have bulbs and are straightened
  • Personal items (clothing and shoes packed into cupboards) and all clutter hidden


  • Toilet seats down & bath mats placed neatly
  • Items such as washing baskets, unfolded towels, toiletries, household cleaning agents and medicine bottles can be very distracting.
  • Try and clear surfaces from any clutter (dirty clothes, creams, deodorants, toothbrushes and toothpaste etc)
  • Towels neatly folded and matching

Exterior Areas


  • All vehicles are parked in the garage with the garage doors closed or on the verge as this area looks best when clear as the photographs showcase the driveway leading up to the house

Swimming pools

  • The Kreepy Krauly is removed from the pool if possible and the water is clear and free from any leaves & debris

Patio Furniture

  • Protective covers are removed, any seat cushions are present, and the area is in an orderly fashion
  • Patio or stacking doors open prior to my arrival

Children’s toys

  • Packed away if possible or put to one side neatly instead of being scattered around the garden


  • The lawn is mowed, flowerbeds look tidy and presentable and hosepipe/s neatly rolled up or packed away out of site

Pricing & Packages

Package 1

1 - 3 Bedroom Apartment / House
Minimum 25 Professionally retouched photographs
Coverage includes interior & exterior photographs
Online delivery of photographs
Online gallery to view, download and share photographs with clients and colleagues

Starting from R650

Package 2

4 - 6 Bedroom House
Minimum 35 Professionally retouched photographs
Coverage includes interior & exterior photographs
Online delivery of photographs
Online gallery to view, download and share photographs with clients and colleagues

Starting from R850

Kindly note the following

  • Properties with a granny flat/s are subject to an additional fee depending on their size.

Terms & Conditions

  • Copyright Notice - I, the photographer, who has taken the photographs am the copyright holder of the images and are able to use the photographs in any manner for marketing and advertising purposes to promote my photography work.


  • Photograph Rights and Usage - The original agent or agency who paid for my service has permission to utilize the photographs for their advertisement and marketing purposes for the listing of the property documented.


  • Cancellation - Bookings must be cancelled telephonically or via email 24 hours prior to the shoot.


  • The agent or agency will be held responsible for any additional fees incurred to re-shoot a property or have additional photographs taken due to circumstances beyond my, the photographer’s, control. For example, a sudden change in weather or a property which is not in an appropriate state to be photographed.


  • Processing of images takes a fair amount of time. Photographs are hand crafted (multiple files are combined to make one photograph where the interior and exterior of a room are both correctly exposed for) using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to create the final finished product which you receive. Photoshop is a great tool, but it has got it’s limitations. I am able to remove small imperfections in a photograph such as a crack in a wall, an unwanted cord or a reflection on a kitchen appliance. For example, I cannot remove a tent pitched in the garden, a pile of rubble or change the colour of the walls.


  • Delivery - I, the photographer, will make every effort to deliver images within 2-3 days from the end of the shoot. Photographs are supplied to the appropriate agent or agency via an online delivery system with a download link. Kindly note that I do not keep files for more than 3 months and am under no obligation to store copies of the images. It is the responsibility of the agent or agency to back up and store all photographs supplied.