Carmen, Nic & Iyla-Ellis are three of our favourite people. Our husbands have been friends since school and over the past several years we've grown together and celebrated together; engagements, weddings and the birth of their daughter. We've helped each other move house a few too many times as well... Thank you for asking me to capture your beautiful family. We love you three lots!

A lot of parents find the idea of a family session rather daunting as children can be difficult and not want to participate. Sometimes this just means that we take things a little slower. We sit, chat and play while your little one gets use to me. I don't think I would be very happy having a stranger put a camera in my face and demand that I smile and behave for an entire hour. Another great tip is bribery. Offer your little one a reward if they cooperate and behave. It's also a good idea to tell them what to expect (age dependent of course) beforehand so that they aren't thrown in the deep end entirely and are overwhelmed on the day.