I was fortunate enough to collaborate with these amazing women and organizations (creating content for marketing purposes) in preparation for their fashion show at Kamers Makers in October last year.⁠

PUNCH FOR PINK are inviting you to be a part of something profoundly significant.⁠

Be a part of this celebration of life, in honouring the survivors among us. Let us come together as a testament to the strength of humanity. Your presence at PUNCH FOR PINK is not merely attendance; it's a statement—a statement of solidarity, of support, of shared hope.⁠

They’re on a mission to support two of South Africa’s most respected breast cancer organisations; @reach_for_recovery_rsa and @checkknowprevent

Studio⁠ | L Creates Studio

⁠Stylist⁠ | Wear It Unapologetically⁠

Make-up⁠ | @b.ferreira_mua ⁠& @michelleshabasonbridal