I always get so excited when I receive emails from Interior Decorators wanting professional photographs taken of their completed projects. This is some of my absolute favourite work! I was thrilled to hear that Kirsty had choosen me as her photographer to document her most recent finished project in Cowies Hill. I couldn't wait to work with her again and to create some beautiful content. It is especially special for me to work alongside such talented individuals within this industry. As my photography career has grown, so has my love and appreciation for beautiful interiors and well thought out layouts that are both pretty yet functional. Whilst preparing for these collaborations, I find myself being completely immersed in Pinterest looking at possible ways of shooting and capturing spaces in the best way possible. Here's a look into what we got up to and what Kirsty has created. If you'd like to get in contact with her you can do so at the following www.kbinteriors.co.za or keep up to date with her latest projects on Instagram @interiors_kb